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Since 1943, The 3&2 Baseball Club of Kansas City, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has provided competitive youth baseball in Kansas City, MO. Our program has instilled the “love of the game” in over 60,000 youths. 




The 3&2 Baseball Club of Kansas City, Missouri was established in 1943. The roots of the current complex were planted in 1963, when Mr. George Van Becelaere acquired the current land and designed the five-field complex. Today, all five fields are still used by thousands of players each summer. Many have gone on to play high school and college baseball and a select few have been drafted and played in the Major Leagues. Today, the program offers baseball for kids ages 6 to 18 and supports the Kansas City Ban Johnson league for college age baseball.


Many individuals have spent great portions of their lives at 3&2 KCMO, including Van Becelaere, who spent almost 60 years with the Club. Other longstanding members of the 3&2 community include current President, John Hager, (31 years and counting); Harvey Yancey (25 years); Ken Bradshaw (23 years); Ed Braile (20 years), plus many more.

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